Affordable ways to update your home…

Spring and early summer are times during which we often seek a fresh look for our homes. Perhaps you’ve visited a friend’s new or newly remodeled home and discovered, abruptly, how much time has lapsed since your home was up to date. As with clothing, home interiors go in and out of fashion. If you’ve found that your home needs a fashion facelift, yet you haven’t budgeted for it, there are some intermediary things that you can consider that are easier on your wallet than a complete redesign may be. Consider the following possibilities:

  • Wall colors. Paint colors make a definite fashion statement.
  • Trim. The change can be subtle or dramatic, depending on your mood.
  • Window treatments. They will make a sweeping change to the overall feel of your room in a surprisingly affordable way.
  • Area rugs or floor coverings.  It isn’t necessary to redo the entire home. Consider the difference one room will make.
  • A change in furnishings. There are ways in which to approach furniture upgrades strategically, over time and within budget.

And speaking of budgets…If a change in home design is not in your immediate plans, this may be the perfect time to dream. Let’s get your ideas down on paper, crunch the numbers and have fun creating your vision for your next new design today.


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