Case Studies

Longtime client, Maureen Chapin, describes her experience with CocoBello Design:

Custom Kitchen
My first project with Marianne was over six years ago. Having admired the window treatments, I stopped in CocoBello boutique one day. I was looking for some unique designer pieces for my home—candles, pictures. That was the first time I learned that CocoBello offered design services. I approached Marianne about my kitchen. I had never worked with a designer before and didn’t know where to start, but I knew I needed help. My kitchen looked dated; it had old, harvest colored appliances. Although it wasn’t a large kitchen, I knew it could be an expensive project. I felt overwhelmed. I had wanted to replace the laminate countertops with high-end Cambria. Getting it right was important. I was relieved to let Marianne manage it. She suggested new lighting. This was a possibility I hadn’t envisioned. She took the kitchen design yet another step by adding a treatment which I still love today. She worked with a ceramic artist to create a hand-made back splash. The color and originality make it a fun conversation piece.

Beautiful Bathroom
I have total trust in Marianne. I called her in recently to redesign our bathroom. In every part of the project she has delighted us with new possibilities. The former bathroom design included a Jacuzzi tub that took entirely too much room, leaving a shower stall that was too small. Also, the bathroom had only a single vanity. Rather than installing a double vanity, Marianne suggested two single vanities. At first, it didn’t make sense to me. However, as the project evolved, it became perfectly clear. She designed the vanities herself and contracted St. Croix Cabinetry to build them. They are the most beautiful elements in the room. She also redesigned the lighting using a combination of pendant and recessed lighting throughout, which softened the shadows. The biggest surprise was the size of the shower. Although she had drawn it out in the blueprints, I was happy to find out that it was bigger than I thought it could be. Finally, one of the most unique qualities of the new bathroom design also saved us money. Marianne recommended a type of flooring for the shower I didn’t know existed. Instead of installing expensive tile or marble, her design called for a beautifully custom-stained and texturized floor.

I continue to go back to work with Marianne. She is obviously a great designer. Marianne has a depth of knowledge and experience, which takes all the worry away. Working with her is a pleasure because she is also a nice individual. I especially admire how she manages the project suppliers. We put together a schedule and she was on top of it. Redesigning the bathroom was an invasive project. The bathroom was situated in our bedroom, so it was important to us that it stayed on schedule. She was good with vendors, conveying clearly her expectations.

“Design our living and dining rooms while we’re in China”
The third project I hired Marianne to design took place while my husband and I were staying in China. We had wanted wood floors in the main area in our home. We also wanted new furniture in the dining and living areas. Before I returned home, I sent Marianne an email to see if she’d help us with the floor installation and furniture. On a quick trip back to the U.S., I talked with Marianne, then returned promptly again to China. Communicating through email and Skype, she shared with us her concepts and budget. Once we gave her our approval, she moved forward with the project. All of the desconstruction happened while I was away. I never worried because I knew Marianne was there. When we came back we had beautiful new flooring and fabulous furniture. I felt as if I had come back to a new home. I love it so much that not a day goes by where I forget to think how happy I am with my decision.

Along the way, Marianne has helped with subtle things such as paint color choices. Currently, I am looking forward to a new project with Marianne, which will involve a new layout for the lower level of our home.

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