Getting Started

Evolve your sense of style
Your environment should be an expression of who you are and how you choose to live. Your sense of freedom, individuality and confidence all stem from living in a place that genuinely reflects your personality and lifestyle. CocoBello helps you design the quality of life that you envision through elements of design, color, furniture selection and placement. While applying the principles of good design, we help you capture and create a space that is uniquely you.

How vividly can you dream?
Have you been thinking of a new look for an old room? Are you ready to move forward on a remodeling project that you’ve been planning? Is there a new home in your future? Let CocoBello help you sharpen the focus on your picture. Listening carefully, we’ll add color, contour and exciting details as we help you transform your interior design dream into new reality.

Form, function and safety
First and foremost, the space you occupy has to serve your practical needs. It must enable you to do the things you intend it to do with efficiency and convenience. The difference, however, is in how functions are performed. Design can elevate the experience and add pleasure to everyday tasks.  Additionally, paying attention to design trends, staying up-to-date and in harmony with your surroundings enhances your environment both physically and financially. CocoBello draws upon in-depth experience, skill and a strong product and service portfolio to design an environment that functional, safe and appealing.

Questions to consider before meeting with your designer:

Who is going to use the space?

What activities will take place there?

How long do you plan to occupy the space?

What kind of look or feel do you want the space to have?

If you are modifying an existing space, what do you currently like about the space? What do you most want to change? Why?

What is your time frame for completing your design project? Is there a date or impending event by which your project must be finished?

Who will be on hand while the work is being done?

What is your budget? What changes do you need to have and which would be nice to have?

How will you finance the project?

Gather ideas
A great way to begin the design process is to assemble an idea folder or scrapbook filled pictures of designs that you like and features that you want. Look for pictures of rooms or styles that appeal to you. Clip swatches of fabric and collect paint color chips. These will help begin the conversation and communicate your preferences and tastes.


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