Magnificent Man Cave

man cave wall art

Man Cave Wall Art

Every woman wants a man who loves and lives to make her happy. Most men know that this means giving her charge of the living space. Ladies, we delight in expressing ourselves through design in virtually every part of the home, kitchen, dining, family room and bedrooms included. We leave our impression on all spaces but one—the space in the home (or garage) that keeps him happy, where he can escape and reset from the stresses of his day: his man cave. Discomforting though it may be for those of us women who are especially design-conscious, our domain ends where his cave begins. Yet, the man cave in your home needn’t be a source of shame. It can and should be a place that he can enjoy and you can accept because it fits happily into the overall appearance of your home.  Following are a few tips on how to make his man cave magnificent:

Make it “his” space:

Regardless of the way in which his man cave came into being, whether it was deliberately intended or accidently evolved, acknowledge his space and his purpose for it. With the added recognition, his pride of ownership can emerge. Now he has the opportunity to take pride in ownership, as his cave is a reflection of his personality and character.

Invite him to explore man cave design options

Call these “best practices,” if you wish. Like all spaces, man caves can be improved with practical design considerations that make the best use of space by enhancing comfort and increasing functionality. These designs are different from other spaces, as they appeal to one person specifically, and are not intended to cater to groups or guests. We are happy to share some of our man cave examples with him over a casual conversation in the studio.

Honor his space with an occasional gift

From time to time, every space needs to be refreshed. Just like any other part of the home, a new piece of art or accoutrement will create new focus on a tired living space. We invite you to explore CocoBello’s collection of man cave art the next time you visit our design store.

Metal Bike wall hanging for man cave

Metal Bike Wall Art

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