Remodeling Strategies for the Dated Home

Have you been dreaming of a new look for an older home? After a few years of wear and tear, every home, even if you had built it new, can do with a facelift. Or, perhaps you moved into your home with the intention of a remodel that never quite happened. Maybe the kids have gone off to college leaving you with rooms to repurpose. Whatever the inspiration may be, the idea of remodeling can, at first, be overwhelming. When considering budget, time and priorities it can be difficult to know when and where to begin. Fortunately, your friends at CocoBello can help you navigate your way through your remodeling questions while keeping it fun and affordable. To get started, here are a few thoughts to consider:

What is your objective for remodeling?

Is your motivation a new look, improved functionality or an imminent sale? The objectives you have for making a change makes a difference in how you should approach your remodeling project. For example, a decision to incorporate a home office into a family room or improve the flow of a kitchen design are quality-of-life considerations that should be weighed differently from whether or not a redesign will improve the sale price of your home. Don’t be afraid to take some time discussing and documenting your reasons for a remodel, it will add clarity to your project.

What is your time frame for change?

Is there an event or a date that triggers a deadline for your prospective remodeling project? Sometimes, the timeframe, alone, will define what can and should be done with regard to change. If you have a long lead time, your remodel may include reconstruction and fixtures. If time is short, you may wish to focus on paint, carpet and drapes. Another consideration is to plan a remodeling project in phases. For example, you might consider designing one room at a time or addressing home lighting issues this time and updating color the next.

Have you considered the value of professional advice?

A common misconception is that professional design service is costly. In contrast, the fact may be that a professional designer saves you money and provides a better result than you could achieve doing it yourself. Imagine the missteps you will avoid by consulting with someone who’s experienced the potential pitfalls and can offer alternative solutions that give you control over how to proceed. A design professional will also help you with the facts and figures you need to make a decision regarding whether to remodel or buy; whether to act now or wait, and the best approach for proceeding with your design solution. Best of all, involving a design professional makes it easy to stop wondering and start taking action on your design decision. We love questions at CocoBello. Feel free to contact us and take advantage of a complimentary session. Or stop in and see what’s new in our design boutique. We have ideas in every corner and courteous professional service at your request.

The look of the living room pictured below was achieved without reconstruction.

Living Room Before Remodel

Living Room Before Remodel

Living Room After Remodel

Living Room After Remodel

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