What’s Cooking in Kitchen Design?

The kitchen continues to be one of the most-used, highly valued places in the home. Today’s trends in kitchen design include…


Make the best use of natural light while combining it with the elegance of suspended fixtures and recessed lighting for fill and ambience.  Lighting will go a long way in changing the look and feel of a kitchen, including its color. Furthermore, good lighting is a healthy choice as it creates a pleasant environment and provides ease to tired eyes.

Smart Use of Space

Tighter spaces require a sharper focus on cabinetry, countertops and storage. A well-designed kitchen needs to accommodate the busy chef with ease in maneuverability and access to kitchen items and tools. New approaches in cabinetry incorporate sliding trays and optimize storage to preserve working space and keep compact kitchens from looking cluttered.

Integrating the kitchen and living space

New kitchen designs consider the needs of the user who wants to take part in events both inside and outside of the kitchen space itself. No longer isolated, an elegant kitchen design creates a statement that complements the rest of the home and enables light and energy to flow freely from room to room. Quality design takes priority over excess space while enabling a more comfortable and affordable lifestyle.

Kitchen Before Update:

Lighting is poor and uneven. Kitchen is isolated from rest of the home.

B-kitchen before1 B-kitchen before2












Kitchen After Update:

New lighting is added throughout. Wall is removed and kitchen is expanded.

B-kitchen after1 B-kitchen after2

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